Friday, January 24, 2014

Winter in the Windy City

Alright, I haven't been on here in months. A lot has changed mainly me being married and it being winter time and now 2014. But with the questioning of my grandma of when my next blog post would be I decided this cold winter night in January was as good time as any to write another post.

So... Winter. I've never completely hated it until moving here. Everyone warned me "oh those winters aren't going to be fun!" I never really thought I'd agree with that statement until now.  Between the single digits, the polar vortex/blasts, and the constant snow. I've had enough! I think it snow everyday here... Walking to work in negative temperatures is not fun. Getting texts that UC is on a delay or closed while I'm walking in worse snow and colder weather makes me mad!!

An interesting thing about Chicago is that regardless of the weather, life goes on here. In Ohio there can be two inches of snow and people are freaking out. Ohio also has snow emergencies for a few inches. Chicago doesn't.

I will never take Ohio winters for granted. Again after living in Chicago!